iPhone 13 production slowed due to lack of chips

(San Francisco) Apple won’t meet production targets for its new iPhone before the holiday due to a global chip shortage, according to a Bloomberg article Tuesday.

The electronics giant plans to produce 90 million iPhones by the end of the year, but it will have to settle for 80 million because its suppliers Broadcom and Texas Instruments cannot meet demand, sources from the news agency said.

The Apple brand introduced a new range of smartphones in mid-September, comprising four models, from the “iPhone 13 Mini” version, marketed at $ 700, to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, from $1,100.

“Demand has been strong around the world, especially in China and the US,” Wedbush analyst Dan Ives commented on Tuesday.

“At least 5 million Apple iPhone 13s will be sold out this holiday season if demand continues at this rate,” he added.

At the end of July, while publishing quarterly results, group president Tim Cook explained that he expects “supply constraints to be more significant” in the current quarter than in the previous three months.

He noted that these restrictions were common to companies in the sector and not specific to Apple, and identified that the problem stemmed in part from the fact that demand was much higher than the company had expected.

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