IPhone 12 sales lead Apple to # 1

A significant increase in smartphone sales is expected at the beginning of 2021. It is assumed that it will reach 50% in the first quarter. The big winner is Apple.

This is the least of what is a report Numbers. Global smartphone shipments are expected to increase by 50% in the first quarter of 2021, to reach 340 million units. This boost will be provided by strong sales of Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The market is also seeing a rise in Chinese brands rushing to reclaim Huawei’s abandoned market share.

IPhone 12 Apple

Apple will typically sell more than 60 million devices in the first quarter of 2021 after it shipped more than 90 million units in the fourth quarter of 2020. Suddenly, for the second consecutive quarter the brand should dominate all of the competition. For its part, Samsung ranks second, followed by Xiaomi. Huawei, with less than 20 million smartphones sold, is expected to occupy the sixth place.

Global shipments of 5G phones will reach more than 600 million units in 2021, up from 280 million units in 2020. Huawei, Apple and Samsung were the top three manufacturers of 5G smartphones in 2020.

iPhone 12, the Steam Engine!

Digitimes claims that the iPhone 12 performance enabled Apple to become the number one smartphone maker in the fourth quarter of 2020. In Europe, Counterpoint Research explains that the option to postpone the iPhone 12 release date was pushing. It has been underlined

The decision to delay the iPhone 12 launch appears to have paid off for two reasons. It enabled the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE to demonstrate remarkable longevity, and to maintain good sales levels in several markets throughout the year. It also boosted demand for the new device that sold amazingly when it was finally launched in October. In fact, the iPhone 12 was Apple’s most successful device to date, and it helped Apple achieve a record 30% market share in the fourth quarter of 2020. ”

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