iOS 17 will have a trick for HomePods missing audio services

Apple will introduce in iOS 17 an ersatz solution for using HomePod apps and audio services that are still not integrated with these speakers. Spotify is the perfect example. Unlike for example Apple Music or Deezer, once launched, Spotify content cannot be directly retrieved from these services by the amplifier, it is necessarily transferred by the iPhone. This obliges it to stay within the Wi-Fi perimeter of the HomePod.

Apple demo at WWDC. Voice Control works as an app that isn’t built into HomePods

iOS 17 doesn’t change the bottom line, but it does smooth the corners on the look. When we ask Siri on it HomePodto play content from Spotify — or any other app that isn’t built into the speaker — the Assistant will establish an AirPlay connection with your iPhone or iPad on its own and play the content without further ado.

In appearance, it will act as an integrated service, in reality it will be a classic AirPlay connection with the usual associated restrictions. For this to work, the app must use the SiriKit Media Intent, in other words, it must know how Siri announces the actions it makes available to it. At first glance, this shouldn’t be a big deal.

App Goals: The apps are paved with good intentions

To take Spotify status, you have to work with the Swedish service because the app already knows how to respond to requests sent from Siri. Given the Presentation for developers On how to integrate this new possibility, there is no mention of mandatory AirPlay 2 compatibility … which Spotify still ignores.

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