iOS 15: Siri no longer wants to rate songs on Apple Music

It appears that Siri no longer allows ratings for music playing in the Apple Music app on iOS 15 and later. Previously, you could ask the assistantAn apple From To give a note For a fee, via voice command (Hey Siri, give this song 5 stars, for example).

It was carried out without difficulty, and it is no longer the case. According to the American forums – in particular in reddit where those Camel- The function is no longer available in iOS 15, iOS 15.1 or iOS 15.2, released in December. Instead of fulfilling the request, Siri responds with I’m sorry, unfortunately I can’t do that (or variable).

At the moment, the situation is not entirely clear and it is not known whether A voluntary change or a simple temporary server-side issue. Remember that in iOS 15, Cupertino He made several changes to Siri so that some requests can be processed offline, in order to provide faster recognition of certain requests/tasks on a daily basis. Another problem may arise for Apple Music Voice users, which exclusively relies on Siri to play music and user interaction.

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