iOS 15: 5 New Features on Your iPhone

Besides launching its new smartphone, Apple unveils a new version of the popular mobile operating system every year. Thus, a few weeks before the official release of the iPhone 13 (already available for pre-order from SFR), the rollout of iOS 15 began on Monday, September 20, 2021. Focus on the key new features that, as a reminder, will not only be available in the next flagship, but Also on many older models of the Apple brand.

#1 FaceTime brings people together more than ever

We call each other on video?“This is a phrase that has become very common since the pandemic. Whether it is about working remotely, or just seeing family or friends despite the distance, apps that enable video calls have become very popular in recent years. To stay in the game, Apple has added a whole host of features New to FaceTime on iOS 15. Starting with SharePlay, a tool apparently inspired by streaming platforms: just like Amazon Prime Video and Watch Party or even Disney+ and its own GroupWatch, it invites you to watch video content simultaneously with your loved ones SharePlay goes even further, by offering to listen to music together over a FaceTime chat, and even share your screen directly with all participants of the call. Convenient, for arranging a restaurant or seasonal far away rental. Not to mention the advantages this feature can have in the context of the job …

Moreover, under With iOS 15, FaceTime intends to compete with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing apps. Now, Apple’s own tool allows to schedule a virtual meeting, sending a link that can be accessed not only for holders of an apple-sealed device, but from any internet browser – and thus also on an Android smartphone or Windows PC… Great first! And although the microphone is equipped with a “sound-isolating” mode to reduce ambient noise and make the conversation more enjoyable, the camera is able to switch to “Portrait” mode, with a bokeh effect that slightly blurs the background. A parameter is often used in the video, since the democratization of remote work …

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#2 Messages collect (best) photos and shared links

The app that is used to send text messages on the iPhone also deserves a nice improvement in terms of the shared content. First, since we all have a member of our entourage always sending us pictures by the dozens, these will now take up less space in the conversation, as they are bundled together into one package that we can also easily browse through. Pictures library. Then, while finding the submitted content was somewhat tedious, a new tab called “Shared with you” appeared to list it all. And this is not only in Messages, but also in every application involved, whether it be photos for screenshots, Safari for Internet links, or even Apple Music for songs … This should greatly facilitate your task when you do not know who nor when we sent you such and such a picture Or an article or even music!

#3 A new ‘focus’ mode that doesn’t bother you anymore

After allowing us to spend nights without receiving unwanted notifications, the iPhone wants to give us moments of calm as well during the day. A new mode is actually emerging with iOS 15: Focus. As its name suggests, it consists of filtering notifications, allowing only those previously accepted into the settings to go through, to allow you to focus on an activity in progress, such as an exercise or a gaming game. A mode to be configured as you wish, to give very specific indications, because after all you will not necessarily want to filter the same alerts depending on whether you are reading a book or driving … Note that in the messages your contacts will be notified that you entered In Focus mode, so they know they can reach you later, or they need to find another way to notify you in the event of an emergency.

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#4 Artificial intelligence decrypts images

This is without a doubt one of the most practical new features, and anyway most impressive, that was brought with iOS 15. Suffice it to say right away, however, that it will not be available on all iPhones that are compatible with the new version. Operating system, only on iPhone XR/XS and later, including the second generation iPhone SE. For good reason, it requires a chip with a strong artificial intelligence, because the latter will achieve real feats from your photos. On the other hand, he will be able not only to recognize any text that appears on the image, but also copy it (almost). What makes the task easier when it especially comes to re-copying a phone number or email address written on paper. On the other hand, it will be able to perform visual searches. Either familiarize yourself with what is shown in the image, whether it is a plant, animal, monument or work of art, and provide direct links to learn more about its topic. Searching on the internet has never been easier.

#5 Upside down safari…

literally. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If it’s clear that it’s possible to go back to the old layout in Settings, the bar with the site URL on Safari is by default placed at the bottom of the screen under iOS 15. That’s funny at first, but in the end it can It is very practical, especially for owners of a large model of iPhone, such as the Pro Max versions … While it has already become easier to navigate the web with one hand, this new bar is also equipped with a very useful new feature: creating groups of tabs. If you’re the type to keep multiple web pages open, you can now organize them for easier navigation. For those who also have an iPad or Mac, these tab groups can sync on all of your devices sealed with the biting apple.

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iOS 15 Compatible iPhone List

Now let’s remember which iPhones will benefit from the iOS 15 update. The good news is that these were all still compatible with iOS 14, plus of course the new iPhone 13. Here you will find a complete list:

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