IOS 14.5 will allow you to recalibrate the iPhone 11 battery

iPhone and batteries are a decades-long story. Apple smartphones have a bad reputation for battery life, and sometimes this is a bug. In any case, Apple appears to be doing its best to ensure that users are satisfied with their smartphone autonomy as well as battery performance. The guide is iOS 14.5 version.

IOS 14.5 beta 6 has just launched with lots of new features. And there’s one feature in particular that may be of interest to many iPhone 11 owners. In fact, thanks to this update, they will be able to recalibrate their battery life to get a better idea of ​​its health condition.

Be careful, let’s be clear: This update will in no way extend the life of iPhone 11 batteries. No, it will make it possible to better diagnose the condition of the battery and assess its maximum capacity. Recalibration will be automatic According to this article published on the official website of the applicatione. On the other hand, several recharge cycles will be required for the battery to be calibrated. So you will have to wait a while before knowing if your battery is in good condition or whether it needs to be replaced.

What about other iPhones?

This is where the bad news comes in: Only iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max will benefit from this new feature. In fact, this is not surprising. In fact, this batch of Apple smartphones has a small battery defect and this update is arriving to fix it.

This might be frustrating for owners of other iPhones who have seen their battery drain super fast with the release of iOS 14.2. But in any case, Apple guarantees that the iPhone 13 battery is more efficient than the 12 battery, especially in terms of its independence. Will this lead to the end of battery problems for Apple?

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