Investissement Québec wants to help companies export more

(Montréal) Le président d’Investissement Québec International, Hubert Bolduc, a profité d’une conférence virtuelle organization par le Conseil des relations internationales de Montréal (CORIM), mercredi midi, pour déta le rôle et les priorités de son organization dans le contexte Current.

Jessica Bublatt
The Canadian Press

At the head of this new division of Investissement Québec since the regulatory reform led by the Legault government in the fall of 2019, Mr. Bolduc has reiterated his commitment to helping Quebec companies export more.

Investissement Québec International focuses on the following three business areas: doubling foreign investment over the next three to five years, increasing the international workforce and increasing exports to account for 50% of the country’s GDP.

Exports increase

“We are short of these expectations,” admitted Mr. Bulldock. This does not prevent him from believing that these goals are achievable even in times of crisis.

To do so, he intends to “work with the big players”, who make up 20% of Quebec’s business, but who produce 80% of the province’s exports.

The mandate is to support these companies as they export more, not only to the United States where most transactions take place, but also to the rest of Canada, where 40% of the goods and services produced by Quebec are transit. Leader.

direct foreign investment

While the international community expects a decline in foreign investment, Mr. Bulldock continues the path. The county intends to maintain the goal of increasing exports to 50% of the province’s GDP.

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It is believed that this can be achieved “as a team”. This means through cooperation with economic partners such as Montreal International, Quebec International and the Economic Development Corporation of Drummondville in particular.

Even if he realizes that the aviation field has been hit hard, he is also seeing opportunities in future sectors such as electrification of transportation that are set to take on more and more importance over the years to come.

«Le Québec est stratégiquement bien placé pour devenir un joueur important (dans le secteur) de la batterie en Amérique du Nord», at-il lancé, en soulignant du même souffle l’expertise du center de recherche d’Hydro-Québec in the field .

“Quebec also has all the assets to become a leader in battery recycling,” the businessman added.

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