Interview with Sergei Lavrov: We examined the arguments of the Russian Foreign Minister

Except that since the 2014 revolution, Ukraine has continued to promote Ukrainian. First, in September 2017, a law was passed making the Ukrainian language compulsory in schools. Then, with the “Language Law”, passed in 2019, aimed at gradually introducing the Ukrainian language into all areas of public life. In January 2021, the law went into effect in the service sector, which is the largest in the country. As shown the scientist Last February, we must now, “by default” Speaking this language is subject to a fine of between 151 and 202 euros. Expansion that sparked discontent among the pro-Russians – who denounced a “forced empowerment” – But it is nevertheless supported by the majority of Ukrainians. According to a study by the International Kyiv Institute of Sociology published in November 2020, 62% of Ukrainians support it, compared to 34% who said they are unfavorable.

beyond the mark “discrimination” Regarding the Russian language, Vladimir Putin’s right-hand man believes that these laws Violate the Constitution of Ukraine. It is completely misleading. Article 10 of the constitution We expect it then “The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian”, The state must guarantee Freedom of development, use and protection of the Russian language and other languages ​​of national minorities in Ukraine. While the last two governments are doing their best to make Ukrainian the main language, none of the legislation has targeted Russian language rights.

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