Internet | The recent global blackout ‘was not due to’ a cyberattack

(Sydney) US service provider Akamai said Friday that the global internet outage that affected banks and airlines, especially in Australia and the United States on Thursday, was not due to a cyber attack.

In a statement, he said about 500 of his customers had been denied access to the Internet due to a problem with one of his network security products.

The cut affected American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines as well as most major Australian banks, depriving their customers of access to their websites and apps.

According to Akamai, the issue was resolved in just over four hours, but most websites were affected for about an hour.

“The incident was not caused by a system update or by an attack on the computer,” the company said, adding that the origin was identified as a data routing issue that has since been resolved.

It was related to a product that aims to prevent Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which consist of sending massive amounts of data to a server to make it down.

“Most of the approximately 500 customers using this service were automatically redirected, and operations resumed within minutes,” Akamai said. “The vast majority of other clients were manually redirected shortly thereafter.”

The outage is the latest incident to focus attention on the stability of internet platforms vital to the economy and on the key role that a handful of companies, mostly unknown to the general public, play in making the web work.

In the past week, US media and government websites, including those of the White House, and The New York Times And Amazon, temporarily, has been affected by a problem with the US company Fastly, which provides a service to speed up the speed of loading Internet pages.

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Akamai also offers a variety of products designed to improve internet performance and security.

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