Internet: Japan broke the speed record with a transfer of 319 terabytes per second

Une équipe de recherche japonaise a battu un record de vitesse sur Internet avec un transfert de données de 319 térabits (Tb) par seconde, soit près du double de la vitesse de 178 Tb par seconde atteinte en août 2020 par des ingénieet du Japon United kingdom.

According to Motherboard, the techno section of the magazine viceScientists at Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) achieved this feat in the lab, using advanced fiber optic technology that includes four cores instead of one, while still keeping about the same size.

NICT used coiled optical fiber ends to transmit data over a simulated distance of 3,001 km, without loss of speed or signal quality. A speed of 319 terabits per second was achieved through a complex method that includes the use of lasers that split the signal into 552 channels as well as amplifiers designed with rare earths.

The research team believes that its technology can be combined with existing systems to give them a significant increase in speed. In particular, quad-core optical fibers can be used to develop technologies that will Beyond 5G.

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