International corporate volunteering gets a new lease of life in the UK

This Thursday, April 20, Olivier Becht, Foreign Trade, Charisma and French Ambassador Abroad visited the French Embassy in the United Kingdom. He has the opportunity to return to international volunteer work in business in the company of young foreigners who have been able to take advantage of the project in full revival in the country.

“International volunteering in business is the best incentive we can give a young person. It’s the only place where you can start as a business developer and end up as managing director of a French company in the UK in two years. According to Géraldine Philippe, director of Business France, VIE is an opportunity for young people to discover other horizons by becoming more professional. This Thursday, April 20, he is Olivier Becht, ministerial representative for foreign trade, glamor and French people abroad. Everything was organized by Hélène Duchêne, Ambassador of France to the United Kingdom.

The purpose of this visit? Meet the show’s young actors in the United Kingdom and discuss the plans laid out for VIE.

VIE, success hampered by Covid and Brexit

As Oliver Beckt points out, “VIE is an exceptional tool for companies that have the potential to have a young and qualified workforce, but also for young people.” In statistics, the Minister shows real success: “92% of VIEs find employment at the end of their studies. 76% see it in the company they worked for. It is the best step to enter professional life and exciting tasks. A positive assessment that contrasts with the various difficulties the system has experienced in recent months, particularly due to Covid and Brexit.“We have a little less life in the UK than we did before the Covid crisis. Today, there are new problems with the new Brexit immigration legal framework, in particular.The minister underlines.

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VIE is looking for a second wind in the UK

However, Oliver Beckt prefers to be upbeat and encouraging: “There should be no discouragement as the dialogue between the two governments is nourishing. We are looking for solutions to make life easier for the companies and the youth.”. Same mindset

Geraldine Philippi, Business-France UK/Ireland Director

Geraldine Philippi predicted the positive evolution of VIEs in the UK: “For five months, the plan was completely blocked in time for Brexit, but we don’t want to talk about that anymore, we want to talk about a new ‘era’.” Although participants in the VIE program in the United Kingdom fell from 900 to 250, the relationship with corporations has perhaps reversed. “Today, young people no longer hesitate to come. These are the companies we need to convince. We hope that former VIE participants, now leaders, will agree to receive new ones.”She concludes.

VIE or the promise of a bright future

Despite the new difficulties, the system is available to young foreigners, Eugenie Jamet, Thane VIE: “I am satisfied with the plan, especially in terms of the status we have. Here, visa is a difficult question, but thanks to the program, it was very easy. It also helped me meet many people. We are all one big family of volunteers.

This family of volunteers is an additional strength and motivation for Émilion Barrière, and VIE: “Our circle is very open, we have a group where we meet monthly and discuss our plans. We unite everyone and help each other among foreigners.

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Eugenie Jamed VIE United Kingdom
Ukeni Jamed on life at the French Embassy in the United Kingdom

As part of her training, Eugénie Jamet ensures that this structure can also be followed financially, which was a big question in the beginning, especially following inflation: “Salaries have been increased because everything has increased. With this plan we can live properly today. Mr. Beckt supports the young woman on this crucial point: “Due to inflation we had to raise scales and salaries”. He concludes his intervention for the day by thanking the VIEs and mentioning them “Tomorrow’s Actors and French Influence Abroad”.

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