Interference with medical devices: Apple lists products that contain magnets

Magnet and medical device type Pacemakers And other pacemakers don’t mix well, Apple wrote in this help sheet : « Magnets and electromagnetic fields can interfere with the proper functioning of medical devices In January, a clinical study reported by the Heart Rhythm Association described Pacemaker pause When approaching iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro x-rays. Image: iFixit.

At the time, Apple updated this popular support paper to recommend ” safety distance “Between iPhone 12 and a medical device between” More than 15 cm and more than 30 cm when charging wirelessly This week the manufacturer offered a welcome clarification by reading about its products that contain magnets: AirPods and charging cases, Apple Watch and accessories, HomePods, iPad and accessories, iPhone and accessories, Macs and accessories, and Beats products.

Each category is detailed with the devices that have magnets, please refer to Here. La Pomme specifies that some of its other products are also magnetic. Not likely to interfere with medical devices Going forward, it is possible to refer to the instructions for use of each of the manufacturer’s devices in this is the address.

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