Interesting little news to know in November

Google Play for Android smartphones and tablets gets updated in November with some small improvements, such as downloads via the Play Store. Google has released a summary of its system changes.

Google Play // Source: Frandroid compilation

Every month, Google publishes Update Summary From google apps And the Play Store. An opportunity to fix bugs, but also to improve Google services, as is the case this month. In the program: image selector accessAndroid 13 In older versions of the OS, it was a bit more recent for kids with parental controls or even improvements from the Play Store.

Play Store is better than ever

Google announced the addition of new features To help you discover the apps and games you love ‘, without revealing more. Especially that The App Store interface was revised a few months ago.

The new interface of the Google Play Store on the tablet // Source: 9to5Google

The Play Store also benefits from improvements to PlayProtect (to protect devices) as well as ” Numerous performance improvements, bug fixes, and security, stability, and accessibility improvements Finally, and this is good news, downloading and installing apps should be faster and more reliable.

Google Play Improvements November 2022

Apart from the Play Store, other functions of Google services also benefit from the improvements. This is the case in Account management : So far, supervised users (for example, via civil control) Not possible Change the time of the smartphone. Now they can do it, but provided there is no time limit activated. Unfortunately, your little ones won’t be able to cheat (for them).

google watch
Google Clock app on Play Store // Source: Frandroid

Another good news is the new photo capture tool that is extending to smartphones running Android 4.4. This is a feature available in some apps that need to access photos and videos from your device. So it is particularly practical for instant messaging applications.

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Moreover, google wallet sees updated API” Allows the particular position to be linked to other Google Wallet screens On the other hand, merchants will be able to dynamically create and customize a GPay button. Android updates can lose some users and Google seems to be aware of this. It updates User training experience for these changes.

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