Instagram: Short films and stories will be at the heart of strategy in 2022

We officially know Instagram’s strategy for 2022. The Meta Group platform will focus on video through Reels and Stories.

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has just shared a video on his Twitter account telling us about the social network’s strategy for 2022. He declares that Instagram will focus primarily on Highlight videos, particularly through reels and stories.

This is not surprising news because the social network of the Meta group has brought many new features dedicated to videos in recent months. Instagram has Video responses to comments On reels it will pass soon Maximum length of stories in 60 seconds As opposed to 15 previously, in a future update.

Video will be a mainstay for Instagram in 2022

Adam Mosseri does a retrospective of 2021 at the beginning of the video, taking a look at some of the year’s highlights. Then he moves on to what defines 2021 on Instagram: the video and control given to users, especially over their personal data. Then he moves on to the 2022 strategy, which will be so the video.

If video novelties have been numerous in recent weeks, the platform is expected to roll out more in the coming months. The head of the social network once again announced that Instagram is no longer a simple photo-sharing application, but has already become a real platform of expression for its users.

Since launching Reels in August 2020, Instagram has found that what works on social media right now and what creates engagement are videos. That’s why the social network has doubled down on its efforts to bring new tools to its video platform and in 2022, it will continue its momentum.

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It must be said that the social network at the moment is TikTok, which allows users to edit and share short videos. It was TikTok The most downloaded app in the world In app stores, especially in front of the giants of the Meta group. Instagram wants to capitalize on the TikTok phenomenon and doesn’t hesitate to take inspiration (not to mention copy) from its Chinese rival by adding features from TikTok.

Messages and creators are also at the heart of the 2022 strategy

In addition to the video, Adam Mosseri claims to be Messages will be highlighted on its platform to allow its users to communicate more easily and in a more entertaining way with their loved ones.

Instagram will also focus on content creatorsWhich has grown significantly since the health crisis. Adam Mosseri indicates that it will spread in the coming months of New content monetization solutions for creators. One way to keep those users who bring in a lot of traffic, generate engagement for their communities, and above all report back to the platform.

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