Instagram has launched a ‘Take a Break’ feature to invite you to give up your smartphone

Instagram today is launching a ‘Take a break’ feature to invite its users to pause when they scroll for some time on the app.

Announced late last year For some countries, the “Take a break” feature is now rolling out in France and will be available to all users in the coming days. aims to take “informed decisions” About the way people spend their time on Instagram.

Reminder to set

If you have been scrolling for some time on Instagram, the app will prompt you to take a break. Reminders to take more breaks can also be scheduled in the future, with set times that could be 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

Early tests show that once teens set reminders, more than 90% of them keep them […] Take a Break builds on our existing time management tools such as Daily Limit, which allows users to set the total time they want to spend on Instagram each day, and provides the option to mute Instagram notifications. Instagram. »

Thoughts during the rest period

Instagram also offers ideas for doing something other than being on the platform, like taking a few breaths, writing what you think, listening to your favorite music or even doing one of your list work. Expert tips also help you step back and recharge your batteries.

Thus, this grandmother is welcome on Instagram, which has been the subject of much criticism for several months because of Negative effects which can be present especially in younger users.

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