Innovation Zone: Lucier keeps hope | News | The show

MAlthough health and education will receive the bulk of $ 5.2 billion in new spending, Mayor Lucier expects that innovation announcements will be made once the budget is approved by the National Assembly.

The mayor says he spoke with the office of the minister responsible for the Istrian region, François Bonardelle, in the minutes following the budget speech, without getting any guarantees regarding the appointment.

“I think we can still have high expectations in regards to the innovation zone. We have been talking about it for a long time. We have had the opportunity to educate the government on a number of occasions. I am confident that there will be money, given the large sums the budget has to stimulate it.” Economy. “

“This is more important to us, because it will allow us to keep our students here, in the beginning, while offering continuing education after that. It is also an important component of the infrastructure in which we invest.”

The only downside is social housing. According to Mayor Lucier, Secretary Gerrard’s speech does not appear to provide new money, despite the glaring needs in this area, which Quebec also recognizes.

The mayor recalls: “We promised to provide 100 social housing units annually, which we were able to meet, but the demand is so strong that we will need 2,000 so far.” We hope the announcements will come at a later time. Social housing should also be part of the recovery. “

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