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Nathael Morissette

Nathael Morissette


The uncertain outcome of many events and implementation of health measures inspired the three founders of the 3 Lacs Distillery. The company, which specializes in the production of gin, has developed a mobile mix service that allows it to go to gatherings of family and friends or even to office parties.

The concept is simple. With a truck in distillery colors, one or more mixologists go to the party, outside or inside. On site, the team takes out the heavy artillery and creates its rod: two casks, a counter, and all the mix accessories necessary for preparing cocktails.

“A few weeks ago, we started traveling around Greater Montreal and the surrounding area, just by word of mouth and some appearances on our social media,” explains Nicolas Perrault, co-founder of 3 Lacs Distillery. We adapt to the place, to what people want. We always create tailor-made cocktails with a knowledge base of spirits. ”

Personal experience with preparing cocktails, advanced courses with a mobile bar, not found anywhere else.

Nicolas Perrault, co-founder of 3 Lacs Distillery

Tasting, cocktail preparation courses, simple bar service and distillation adapt. “It is truly a dedicated and integrated service, as Mr. Perrault stresses, [avec] Simple or high-flying cocktails. ”

It’s clearly made from products of the company, which currently has three types of gin, limoncello – the number one product in Quebec – and a can of pink gin and lemon. All of these are found in SAQ. If cocktails require the use of other alcohol, we prefer local products.

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Who is the ?

Nicolas Perrault says that the idea of ​​establishing a distillery was born around a fire. The 35-year-old who worked in civil engineering and his childhood friends, Mathieu Caron and Dominique Proulx, decided to embark on the adventure. We are in 2016.

Photo by Marco Campanozzi, the press

Left to right, 3 Lacs Distillery founders: Nicolas Periault, Dominique Proulx, and Matthew Caron

The 3 Lacs Distillery, which produces 130,000 bottles a year, officially opened in 2017 in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, home of the three entrepreneurs. And the idea of ​​staying close to their core, family, and friends has served them well since, until recently, they asked their relatives to help them through the traffic jam.

“The first 100,000 bottles were made by hand: hand cleaned, hand dried, hand labeled,” says Bériault. Then, in February, the team set up a filling line. “We can give our parents a break from the weekend traffic,” he laughs.

If they were more equipped, the three friends did not deviate from their basic principle: to develop organic citrus-based products. “This is what makes our identity.”

the future

What does the future hold for this company, which currently has seven employees? New products are planned for 2022. The team also has export projects in Europe and the United States.

“We don’t have enough time to implement all the projects we want to do,” admits Nicolas Perrault. We take the time to do things right. However, all of our products have been very successful. There is pressure that comes with that, to always go above and beyond and meet expectations. We don’t want to be just a product launch machine in order to launch products. ”

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