Injury Dangerous Driving: 18-month judgment to settle all of your cases

A man accused of dangerous driving, bodily harm, assault, and assault, took advantage of the time he spent in court on Tuesday to settle all of his cases and was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

In August 2019, Samuel Choynard, 25, was riding a sports motorcycle with a passenger when police noticed his erratic driving while they were on Somandy Street.

Desiring to intercept him, the patrols activated flashing lights, but Choynard chose to flee by turning on the red light in the process.

“After a short chase, while the passenger was waving a finger of honor at the police, the driver lost control of his car. The passenger was evicted and thrown onto a concrete block,” the Public Prosecutor, Mr.H Jean-Philippe Rubetta.

Uninterested in his rider, Chouinard fled on foot to be arrested a few moments later. The prosecution added, “Despite the injuries he suffered, the passenger refused to cooperate with the police and did not give any statements.”

Two cases of assault were the subject of the accused’s guilt.

He admitted, among other things, that he had physically assaulted his mother’s neighbor who, according to the summary of facts, had “inappropriate words” towards the lady.

He also admitted to training his mother’s partner because he was “violent” toward his mother.

In addition to the prison sentence issued against Schwenar, the latter will have to undergo a three-year probation period upon leaving custody, all with an 18-month follow-up.

Before Schoenar left the room to go into custody, the defense attorney, Mrs.H Adèle Juster stressed in court that her client was celebrating his birthday on this day.

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“Well, I wish you a happy birthday, even though you are under arrest, and I hope that you continue to treat you. The judge concluded that you will not only give yourself a gift, but you will also give it to your mother.

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