Information Franceinfo. King Charles III is in France from March 26 to 29 on his first state visit

The invitation to the British sovereign was issued by Emmanuel Macron during Elizabeth II’s funeral.

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This will be his first major release outside the UK. According to France Televisions, confirmed by the Elysée, King Charles III will visit France from March 26 to 29. The British sovereign, who will be crowned on May 6, will pay her first state visit to France.

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Accompanied by his wife Camilla, Charles III will begin his journey to Paris. Before being welcomed at the Elysee Palace, he will attend a ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe in the late morning of Monday, March 27. In the evening, a state dinner is planned at the Palace of Versailles (Yvelines).

A journey between Paris and Bordeaux

The next day, Charles III will travel to Bordeaux, where he will open an embassy and visit a vineyard. It will conclude with a visit to the area affected by the 2022 fire. The then Prince of Wales had already visited Gironde in 1977, during an exhibition on British painting, such as THE Recalled in 2021 South West.

For Elysee, this visit “A tribute to France and illustrates the depth of historical ties that bind our two countries”. Emmanuel Macron and Charles III “They have cooperated closely in the past on biodiversity conservation and the fight against global warming”.

The invitation was issued by Emmanuel Macron during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. “I had an opportunity to invite King Charles to France”, the President announced on September 16. During her reign, Charles III’s mother had already made France (along with Germany) the country with the highest number of state visits, aside from members of the Commonwealth.

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