Influenza: Occitanie has been put into an epidemic stage, and Jared and Herault are severely affected

The Occitanie region indicates that the Occitanie region is the first in France to be placed in the “epidemic” phase of influenza, on Wednesday, December 22, French Public Health.

All it was missing was! The flu has reached Occitania. It is well established in the region because we are the first to enter the phase of the so-called “epidemic” in France on Wednesday, December 22, the French Public Health.

Between last week and this week, The number of hospitalizations related to influenza increased by 71% across France, notes the organization. “At week 50, we observed a strong increase in indices of influenza or influenza-like illness with 1901 passages (versus 1213 at week 49, or +57%) and 171 hospitalizations (versus 100 at week 49, or +71%).”

Herault and Jared were particularly affected

“In Occitanie, a persistent increase in all influenza indicators, particularly in children under 15 years of age, means a transition to the epidemic phase at S50.” “

however, Differences between departments were noted with Traffic levels are already high in the east of the region (Herault and Gard) and lower but increasing levels in the west of the region‘, already refers to the health bulletin.

Thus, Occitanie is the first region in France to cross the epidemic threshold. Offshore, Mayotte has also been in an epidemic phase for several weeks. While last week only Occitanie and Ile-de-France were in a pre-pandemic stage, this week the French public health authority also classified Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Val-de-Loire Center, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Ile-de-France in this category.

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