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In the US, President Joe Biden’s popularity has fallen due to rising prices. Inflation has become one of the main concerns of Americans.

Inflation was the word that worried America the most during the campaign Mid-term elections. In the US, in one year, it was 8.2%. But in detail, especially for species, it is much higher. ie +27%, +30% for milk Eggs and +12% for fruits. to do That SAdd in exploding rents with an average increase of 17%, with no protection for tenants in this country.

Ohio, a popular, industrial state of 11 million people, mirrors America and often dictates election results. In full fire in the kitchen, a cook does not lose his temper in the face of inflation.A year ago flour was $14, it rose to $16 and is now $24“, he declares. He had to raise the prices of his sandwiches and pizzas by almost 20%. His Italian immigrant family had always been left hearted, but not this time.

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