Infant formula shortages may persist in the United States

(Washington) The White House economic adviser indicated Friday that the shortage of powdered infant formula may continue for some time, stressing that the priority is security.

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This problem “will not be resolved in a day or a week,” Brian Desi told CNN.

To the question “Should parents be prepared for it to last for weeks or months?” Mr. Deese left a hint.

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White House Economic Adviser Brian Daisy

“We have to see how progress is being made in real time,” he said, urging parents to reach out to their doctors for urgent needs.

According to data provider Datasembly, infant formula was out of stock at 43% at the end of last week.

Initially caused by supply chain problems and manpower shortages, the shortages worsened in February when the Abbott plant in Michigan closed after recalling products suspected of causing the deaths of two children.

“Safety is of paramount importance in this case,” Mr. Dess said, noting that the Abbott plant had been closed due to safety concerns.

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Finally, he confirmed that “all tools of the federal government” to support the supply chain have been activated.

Accused at worst of indifference, and at best a wait-and-see attitude, the White House introduced some measures Thursday, limited in scope.

The Biden administration plans, among other things, to increase imports, while the United States produces 98% of the formula milk it consumes.

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Deese said it has been working with manufacturers since the recall occurred, citing evidence that production has already increased.

“Over the past four weeks, there has been more breast milk production than in the weeks before withdrawals,” he said.

He admitted that in addition to production, parents need to get more milk.

The United States, for example, does not allow the import of infant formula from Europe.

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