Indochine presents RTL2 future ‘very special’ concert

This is the first concert in Indochina in 2021. An unprecedented hour-and-a-half live show at Espace Niemeyer in Paris for RTL2 and, Which is “Indofans” of the 40 years old for the group.

Once they entered the room through a sliding door as in a spaceship, Nicolas Serkis, Marco, Boris Jardel, Ole de Esat and Ludwig Dahlberg were impressed. All dressed in black, with serious and focused faces, the group takes their place on stage illuminated by blue and white lights. In a few tones of drums and bass, Indochine It transports us to a futuristic world and presents a scene of sounds and lights. It’s hard not to look up from the room as the geometric shapes are displayed, and not to be taken over by Pictorial or representational beauty.

For example to Kimono in the ambulance, The stage light turns red and the drums make us feel the heartbeat of the sunken kimono. Each of the 15 songs from the concert are accompanied by Harmony of sound and light.

On board the Indochine during an RTL2 “very private party”
Credit: Béranger Tillard / RTL2

Indochina has pushed you away from planet Earth in no time. During the one and a half hours of the party, the group reinterpreted their greatest titles as adventurerAnd the Your eyes are black Massar has not sung him for “40 years,” as Nicolas Serkis admits, and “many fans” ask him. Regard From here my love It was released in 1993 on the album One day in our life. about Punishment ParkNicola Serkis graduated harmonica. Certainly Kimono in the ambulance And the adventurer He does some dance moves.

The audience was already missing

After the concert and debut, Indochine answered netizens’ questions on the popular RTL2 sofa. The first opportunity to assess how the group felt while playing without an audience For an hour and a half, without interruption. “We were 20% of our odds, well I’m talking about myself. The audience was really missing. We expect, and merge that there are people behind their screens, on the radio. We try to motivate ourselves, but we are happy. ” Nicola Serkis explains.

“For this concert, we tried to do something completely different. We had a little fun, we put together songs that we haven’t played for a long time (…) We enjoy the luxury of owning many famous titles, And less known, it is actually an instinct [que le groupe choisit ses titres avant un concert, nldr]Indeed, during the concert at Espace Niemeyer, Indochine assumed some of his “old” music such as Crash about me And the From here my love.

A new album is in preparation after the 40th anniversary

Indochina in a very private party in Espace Niemeyer
Indochina in a very private party in Espace Niemeyer
Credit: Béranger Tillard / RTL2

2021 is the year of India’s fortieth anniversary. Four decades that has made and continues to make generations of fans dance and sing. As the epidemic continues to disrupt cultural life, how does the group plan to prepare for the central tour, the anniversary tour? We can’t predict what the future will be like. We always thought we’d be 40. You might be 41, we don’t know, but yeah, we all want to make a new album. We all want to go from 13 to 14, so there are 40. Once it is over, we start ‘, The leader of the group is also recognized. On the question which Indochine prefers in all of their songs, Olivier Gerrard replied: “It is impossible to choose, there are many,” “but we love it very much. The third genderNicolas Serkis concludes.

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