Indian variant – Britain will review its restoration plan “on the edge of a razor”

According to British experts, the “third wave has already begun” under the influence of Indian variation. The decision on the restrictions, set for June 21, should be postponed for a few weeks.

With 3,500 to 4,000 new pollutants a day, the epidemic is returning to the UK and experts, saying “this is just the beginning”.

The third wave of “explosions” refers to SAGE advisers who guide the government in its decision-making in dealing with the epidemic.

The next decision was about the decisive stage of June 21, which was “Independence Day”, when the British had to free themselves from all restraining measures, including the wearing of masks and physical exclusion.

Faced with the resumption of the epidemic, this day should be postponed, leaving officials time to expedite the use of the second dose of the vaccine.

A dose protects slightly from the Indian variant

Because this is where the whole paradox of the UK vaccination campaign lies. 40 million adults already have the vaccine dose. An amazing total (compared to the 25 million who were vaccinated for the first time in France) but this does not obscure a particular reality. This is because vaccines are not fully effective against the Indian variant after the second dose. Still, AstraZeneca is only 60%. However, the vaccine was supported by British authorities in the fight against Govt-19. Suffice it to say that with a single dose of AstraZeneca, British India was not protected from diversity.

SAGE member Professor Susan Michie told Sky News that the UK was “on the edge of a razor” and that the epidemic “could slip as it did before Christmas, leading to more serious and more restrictions”.

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Isolation for all travelers from the UK to France

So, a tense situation in the UK, this Monday, is the most important activity for travelers from the British Isles and those coming from non-EU countries. They must now justify a compelling reason to enter France. Travelers from Britain must be self-isolated for 7 days upon arrival on French soil.

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