Increased risk of death for women


  • Back pain prevents physical exercise, which protects against cardiovascular disease
  • These pains are also associated with an increased risk of falling.

One disease can mask another: people with pain in from They are more likely to suffer from other diseases. In the specialized magazine Journal of General Internal MedicineResearchers at Boston Medical Center in the United States note that These diseases are associated with a risk death rate Higher for women. This is not the case for men.

Deterioration in lifestyle

The researchers conducted a meta-analysis: They worked on data from over 11 studies. In total, the sample included more than 80,000 people. By studying this data, they found that women who suffer from acute back pain have a higher risk of death, compared to women without back pain. The research team considers the pain to be severe when it prevents a person from exercising or performing daily tasks. For the individuals involved, they become a real obstacle on a daily basis and they generally reducePhysical activity. However, this increases the risk of weight gain and the emergence or exacerbation of some diseases, in particular heart and blood vessels. “Back pain is also associated with poor balance and falls. The research team determines, Can cause fragility fractures. “

How to relieve back pain?

It is important to manage back painEric Rosen, one of the authors of this study, which uses non-drug methods, such as l’acupunctureAnd chiropractic or massage and pharmacological treatments. Opioid analgesics are regularly offered to patients with chronic back pain, and they are responsible for them in the United States Health crisis Very numerous overdoses. Between September 2019 and September 2020, more than 85,000 Americans died as a result. Eric Rosen hopes these results will allow new research to be launched to find treatments that are equally effective but safer.

Movement is the best medicine

Concept Bad of the two It includes many diseases with different causes and consequences: SciaticaAnd the lower back painAnd the ScoliosisAnd the hernia, Etc. When the pain is moderate, or at least not chronic, it is important that you adapt to your lifestyle to prevent it from becoming completely disabling. Contrary to popular belief, lethargy is the worst idea: to reduce pain, you need to be active. This includes doing daily tasks, but also by walking, some stretching, or even sports. To be healthy, you have to move!

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