In Wales, a village invaded by sheep


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Residents of a coastal town in Wales were amazed to see herds of sheep flocking to the streets.

In the coastal town of Landutno in Wales (UK), a flock of starving sheep took to the streets. All the people in the world are struggling to get them out. “I drove, they were there, they didn’t move. “, Trusts a young woman in the microphone of French television. “I do not know if they are dangerous, but I do not want to be approached”, A Welsh woman advances.

Due to Govt-19, officers were overstaffed. There will be no danger to humans; Goats only attack gifts. Every spring, they descend from a nearby cliff, but this year, the herd is larger than usual. “We are trying to control their numbers through a contraceptive program. It takes a lot of effort. We have a lot of volunteers to look after the sheep. But we could not do that last summer and the goats were used to advantage.”, To explain Louis Emery, Conway County Councilor.

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