In Tréguier the Circus space will soon be complete – Tréguier

Circassians from Safina High School in Trejje will soon be able to express all their artwork in the two chapels of the Monastery of the Sisters of Christ in Trejje, a stone’s throw from the city center. The renovation of the two rooms, one with an area of ​​120 square meters and the other with an area of ​​156 square meters, is being completed with the installation of artboards. Part of the pits have been diverted to changing rooms and storage.

A contemporary note has been added to the existing church. The gym entrance leads to two changing rooms with a shower and staircase to access the lounges.

This project was rewarded by the expedition of Stefan Berne, It allowed for a harmonious renovation of buildings by incorporating modernity into the ancient heritage of the city. “Thanks to the French architects, we were able to make a difference and add a contemporary spirit adapted to the needs of today. With the work of the Music School, it is a true virtuous project to restore the centrality and the heart of the city,” Mayor Guirec Arhant rejoices. As a reminder, there were 1.3 million euros, including 660,000 euros in subsidies necessary for this renewal. The delivery date has been set at the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year.

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