In Trégomeur, 840,000 euros were spent on the recreation and relaxation area – Trégomeur

On Saturday, September 17, Mayor Denis Manake, with the help of elected members of the Municipal Council, received Serge Delrio, Deputy Governor of Gangan, and several local elected officials from the sector for the inauguration of the recreation area including the multi-purpose room, parking, children’s playground and a multi-sports area with investment 840 thousand euros.

The recreation area, well-planned, harmoniously fits into the landscape. Everything was thought out and centered near the body of water to make it a place of sharing and coexistence.

For example, the multi-purpose room was expanded by 200 square meters and completely renovated for its modernization. At a cost of €700,000, the municipality received €167,000 in subsidies (including €102,000 of equipment for rural areas).

41,000 euros in children’s games

The cost of entertainment equipment is 41,000 euros (for children’s games), 51,000 euros (for the multi-sports area) and 30 thousand euros (for parking). They received aid worth 52,000 euros. The municipality, for its part, has borrowed 400,000 euros for all works.

Denis Manakeh also pointed out that this recreational space did not consume, in terms of town planning, agricultural land. “I am taking this moment to express the concern of the mayors who will have to seriously reduce construction space for the coming years.”

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