In the youth space of the municipalities community

A breath of fresh air welcome

This winter, 30 young people have come to take advantage of the activities offered in the Ventadour-Égletons-Monédières youth space.

Snow camps could not be organized this year due to the health situation. However, two cross-country skiing days are introduced to please the teens. Young men were practicing winter sports in the Chastreix-Sancy region under the piercing rays of the sun.

During the holidays, a large culinary competition was held over several days. Young people played chefs for a meal to please and impress their friends.

Video editing is currently in progress. Part of the pool will be used to participate in a joint venture with regional entertainment centers during the Printemps de Haute Corrèze. Wonderful program in perspective.

Young people also had the opportunity to grab a detective hat, in Eggleton, with Tresor Luddick, to solve a crime. Proposed Day and led by Choral Baratault (Creator and Director of Trésor ludique).

In order to reach

After a winter break rich with activities, laughter and humor, an entertainment program is offered for the months of March and April. The Youth Space organizes an assassin (life-sized cop investigation), a laser game outing with Parkattak, a werewolf (role-playing game), a pastry workshop …

The detailed program is available on the structure and location between communities and social networks.

Every Friday, young people are invited to come and discuss, about a snack, and discuss their wishes and ideas to prepare for the summer vacation.

The structure is open every afternoon, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 2 pm until 6:45 pm, and from 1 pm on Wednesdays (excluding school holidays). During the academic year, the youth space is a place of exchange and resources for all (youth information point, public multimedia point, local mission offices). Facilitators are present to suggest activities, help search for information and direct projects.

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