In the World Cup, Switzerland is back in action

Patrick Fischer had promised her the day after his Swiss team’s heavy defeat against Sweden: “We will respond on Thursday to Slovakia!” The coach did not lie. Against Formation, which achieved three successes in entering the World Championships in Riga (Latvia), it did not win his men. Final score: 8-1!

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Success crystallized timidly in the first half, with a somewhat lucky success from Captain Rafael Diaz. It was secured during the middle period with three successes signed by Sven Andregeto, Roman Lovell and Gregory Hoffman. And she continued in the last twenty minutes of play, with the momentum of the smiling team, through goals by Timo Mayer, Philip Korachev, Roman Lovell and Gregory Hoffman.

Some changes

In anticipation of this match, Patrick Fisher made some adjustments within his lines and the start of goalkeeper Reto Pera. But basically, his team didn’t change his face. It continued to produce an artistic and fast game, utilizing the talent of nearly all players on a team designed to perform. The big difference compared to the defeat to Sweden conceded? This time almost all attempts were successful.

After the Friday break, the Swiss will face a serious rival: Russia. After that, Belarus and the UK will have to negotiate down the path to the quarter-finals. Based on her offer against Slovakia, she has a lot to look forward to from this tournament.

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