In the United States, Victoire Thiérrée explores the connections between nature, form and military technology.

The business to follow is daily news from the cultural sector in the regions and internationally thanks to our correspondents abroad and those who create cultural life where they are. Every Friday we go to America to meet a resident of Villa Albertine.

Today, Arnaud talks to Laporte Sculptor, photographer and filmmaker, Victor Thierry In 2020, he was the first artist invited by the Ecole de Guerre in Paris to follow a training program for civilian auditors for senior officers of the French Army. Infiltrating normally closed and sensitive communities and spaces, the artist creates infiltration as an artistic practice. She explores the interactions between nature, form and technology as they are used by man to overcome his limits in extreme environments such as military, defense and survival. As part of her roaming with the Villa Albertine, Victoire Thierree will conduct experimental documentary work combining research conducted at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the Smithsonian and the Getty Institute, combining traces of archival images, narratives and reflections. The US military’s first stealth aircraft, the F117.

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