In the United States, the TurboTox operating system requires millions of taxpayers to repay

The New York Attorney General announced Wednesday that the U.S. site used to file tax returns will have to pay back the 4.4 million people who charged for the free service.

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In all, Intuit, an online financial services expert, summarizes a press release issued by the TurboTax site stating that “millions of consumers who have been unfairly billed will have to pay $ 141 million in damages.”

Between 2016 and 2018, these taxpayers were sent to the Indo-paid TurboTax service, according to an investigation by attorney Letidia James.

The magistrate also accused the company of misusing the word “free” in its advertisements to mislead users.

The deal with Intuit should “be a wake-up call for large and small businesses: deceptive marketing techniques are illegal,” the lawyer said in a statement.

In a statement released last Thursday, Intuit said it did not admit the allegations.

“Instead of excluding taxpayers from free tax product benefits, our advertising campaigns have led more Americans to file their tax returns for free than ever before,” said Kerry McLean, executive vice president of the California Group.

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