In the United States, the Senate confirms an investment plan of $ 3.500 billion

The Senate Democrats announced Tuesday that they have approved a budget that would allow Joe Biden to achieve all the goals set out in his plan.

US President Joe Biden’s structural plan aimed at investing more in infrastructure has attracted serious attention Stimulus Democrats.

Senate Democrats Have agreed on an investment plan until $ 3.500 billion, Is 2.970 billion euros. “We came to an agreement,” he said Chuck Schumer, leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, To reporters after more than two hours of closed-door debates involving Democrats and White House representatives from the Senate Budget Committee.

According to Chuck Schumer This amount is to be discussed in the budget resolution soon Congress, The top house in the United States.

Avoid the siege of the Republican Party

The agreement represents a real step for the US president. The budget, which will be released on Tuesday at the end of the day, will allow it to fulfill all its promises in terms of social security and assistance to families. Without the vote of the Republicans.

If the budget resolution is passed by both houses, it will allow Democrats to avoid the Republican Philippines.

For good reason … if the budget resolution is passed, This would allow Democrats to avoid Republicans (a parliamentary ban aimed at delaying the passage of a law).

Bipartisan program

The leader of the Senate Democrats underscored the scale of the plan. “You add it $ 600 billion Bilateral program and you come and join $ 4.100 billionThis is very close to what President Biden asked us to do, “said Chuck Schumer.

Chuck Schumer refers to a separate, two-party, infrastructure bill of total value $ 1,200 billion, Including nearly $ 600 billion in new spending.

The bill would finance the reconstruction of roads, bridges and other traditional infrastructure, and the use of high-speed Internet in many rural areas of the United States.

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