In the United States, the church takes a stand against public funding for abortion

Many of their previous appeals have gone unnoticed, and the subject of abortion in the United States is very polar. On Thursday, September 16, American bishops released a new open letter.

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“We ask you to reject the rules that expand taxpayers’ funds for abortion.” Emphasize mistakes, “Should invite you as far as possible to apply the long-term policy of Hyde Amendment [disposition législative interdisant, outre-Atlantique depuis près de quarante ans, l’utilisation de fonds fédéraux pour payer l’avortement, sauf pour sauver la vie de la femme, ou si la grossesse résulte d’un inceste ou d’un viol, NDLR] For all health care to prevent the use of public funds to deliberately destroy human life at birth ”.


In the document, however, the religious leaders recalled their support for a number of health measures in the “Built Back Better Act” (“Reconstruction, Mux Agir”) adopted by Joe Biden’s administration to revive the states’ economy. Covid-19 was united in the aftermath of the epidemic: in particular, strengthening medical facilities for children from low-income families, improving medical insurance for the most vulnerable, increasing the investment of mothers for maternity, maternal mortality-related deaths, and so on.

U.S. bishops deny wanting to expel pro-abortion politicians

Most “(…) It would be a disaster if the important and life-sustaining provisions we support in this bill were to facilitate and finance the destruction of human life.” The two signatories to the letter were Bishop Joseph Naman and Bishop Paul Cochle, respectively, heads of the Commission on “Pro-Life” (“pro-life”) activities and the Episcopal Conference (USCCB) within the United States on domestic justice and human development.

Previous requests

This latest position, taken by Catholic authorities, comes after several similar requests since the beginning of the month. On Tuesday, September 7, the bishops had already stated in another open letter to Congress that they would not publicly fund abortion. They also outlined what aspects should be assessed within the framework of the 2022 Finance Bill.

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On Wednesday, September 15, the House Energy and Business Committee, and the U.S. Congressional Budget Committee, ignored their request and approved a Budget Reconciliation Bill that did not remove federal funding measures for abortion, but no restructuring, in its place, the legislative structure governed by the Hyde Amendment.

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