In the United States, Kamala Harris warns that 2.5 million American women have lost their jobs

Since the outbreak, nearly 2.5 million American women have laid off themselves. In a column published in Washington Post, Vice President Kamala Harris warned of this “national emergency” and announced that assistance would be established for all people in distress.

“What to fill 40 Football pitches. ” This is a discourse used by US Vice President Kamala Harris to estimate the number of unemployed women since the onset of the epidemic. Washington Post. In fact, about 2.5 million American women have lost their jobs in the one year since the onset of the corona virus crisis. By comparison, according to one article Reuters, 1.8 million men find themselves in this situation. “The mass exodus of women from the working world is a national emergency that requires a national solution.” She points out.

This risk affects all socio-professional sectors, both public and private sector, low wages and the highest. Those who worked in the maintenance industry were paid less, while the owners of small businesses had to abandon their operation. “In February 2020, about 5 Million women entrepreneurs, Note Kamala Harris. By April, one in four had left the business. ”

$ 3000 per child

Others “Load” : Lack of childcare structure, which has transformed homes “Schools and Day Care” Gradually working mothers are led to give up their full-time jobs. However, Kamala Harris insists that women are essential for the survival of the country:

Studies show that ours START If women, like men, participate in the labor force, it will increase by 5%. ”

In short, Vice President and new Democratic leader Joe Biden is planning a project “American Recovery Program”, Presented before the Senate on February 5th. “It will provide 1 help$ 400 [1 155 euros] People in need and at least 3 people000 dollars [2475 euros] To the parents of every child. ” In addition, this program includes “Unemployment and Home Insurance” And help “Re-opening of schools in line with standards and major investment in day care centers”.

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