In the United States, a passenger on a plane wears a mask and thongs

By the Associated Press

An unusual scene before the departure of a plane in Florida.

Unusual – protective mask against Govt-19. Local media reported on Thursday (Dec. 16) that a masked passenger on a United Airlines flight was forced to disembark at Fort Lauderdale Airport in Fla.

The 38-year-old explained to local channel NBC2 that he wanted to prove the “absurdity” of the rule of wearing a mask to protect against Covit-19 on planes, while allowing passengers to eat and drink and remove passengers.

Video of the incident, this Wednesday, December 15, was filmed by another passenger, showing them that the crew could not have been on the plane if they had kept their face in the air. After the discussion, the person left his seat and resigned.

Apparel on the plane! He says someone from Cape Correa is tired of wearing the mask. “I think the best way to explain absurdity is absurdity,” the NBC2 reporter said on Twitter.

In his interview with NBC2, he compared himself to the African-American Rosa Parks, a symbol of the struggle for civil rights in the United States, who refused to give up his seat to a white man on a bus in 1955. Laws in force at the time.

“In this country, every change is brought about by ordinary people,” he explained seriously. “Rosa Parks is not popular. She changed the course of history.

“The customer clearly did not comply with the federal obligation to wear the mask, and we are grateful to our team for resolving the problem on the ground before departure, without causing any disruption to the flight,” United Airlines responded in a statement. The publication was sent to local newspapers.

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