In the United States, a journalist threatened to sue for revealing a hole

Missouri Governor Mike Parsons faces criticism after a release Report threatening the trial A reporter who discovered that the social security numbers of teachers, administrators and school counselors in Missouri were leaked to the public due to loopholes in a website run by the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

An exposed database

Josh Renat, reporter at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Wrote an article on Thursday, Indicates he detected problems with an Internet application in the state of Missouri. It allowed anyone to search the database of certificates and accreditations of more than 100,000 teachers in the state. Payment data and Social Security numbers were also leaked due to this issue.

The newspaper contacted the ministry and the pages were deleted. All of this was done to give the state time to repair the damage before the regulation was issued.

The newspaper delayed the publication of the article, allowing other state agencies to fix similar vulnerabilities in other Internet applications.

The governor threatened the journalist with legal action

Missouri state officials said Investigation Duration of data exposure. But then that day Mike Parsons Held a press conference During this time he criticized Josh Renat and his newspaper, threatening to take legal action.


Governor Mike Parsons.

He then returned to his threats A discussion on Twitter This provoked ridicule and anger among American Internet users.

The investigation is ongoing

Mike Parson says that “one person took the files of at least three educators, decoded the HTML source code, and looked at the social security numbers of specific teachers.”

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He notified his office to the Cole County District Attorney and law enforcement officers and ordered an investigation into what happened.

“The Missouri law allows anyone who has hacked our organization, helped or promoted them, and the government is committed to bringing to justice what is needed.” A hacker is someone who gains unauthorized access to information or content. This individual was not allowed to do what he did. He is not allowed to change or decode the code. “

Media hatred

Mike Parson explains that Josh Renat has committed a crime because it is a crime to “access and take personal information without permission.”

“This data is not available for free and should be modified and decoded. The government has not taken this matter lightly and we are working to strengthen our security to prevent this incident from happening again,” Mike Parson said.

“The government accepts its responsibility and we are dealing with areas that need to be done better than in the past. We will not rest until we have a clear understanding of this individual’s motives and why he is targeting teachers in Missouri.”

Other local publications He recalled that Mike Parson had long expressed disgust at the major state media for his handling of the Govt-19 crisis. Taste for contracts without tender.


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