In the United States, 400,000 unallocated green cards can be returned to circulation

Distributing 400,000 unassigned green cards in recent years to immigration candidates: This is the measure Democrats want to vote on under Joe Biden’s social spending and green economy legislative bill. But this is not won, he warns The The Wall Street Journal.

This isn’t the most exciting metric for a Build Back Better plan. BBB), Joe Biden’s Social Spending and Green Economy Bill, highlighted The Wall Street Journal, but it may suit a number of potential immigrants and expats who already work in the US but have only a temporary visa: about 400,000 green cards that have not yet been mapped could come in addition to the 140,000 permanent residence permits that should theoretically be issued in 2022.

Green cards are generally granted to immigrants who have family in the United States or who are sponsored by an employer, Remember the newspaper. For many categories of applicants, a limit is placed on the number of green cards that can be issued each year and those that are not granted are considered expired at the end of the year. The United States also limits the number of green cards it issues to citizens of each country, which means that applicants from countries with high immigration rates can wait years to become permanent residents.”

Over 5 million late orders

“If you are from certain countries, you can wait up to twenty years before you can live with your family members,” John Yang, president of Asian Americans Bringing Justice, an association that campaigns for green card redistribution, pleads. In total, they will be 4 million to wait for the sesame to be allowed to join them in the United States. A figure to which about 1.2 million immigrants must be added to the sponsorship of the American employer.

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If the proposed measure is adopted, just over 200,000 family reunification green cards could be granted, and the rest would be made available to employers. But not all Democratic representatives agree on potential green card recipients in this “redeemed” way, he explains. The Wall Street Journal Some would also like them to regularize immigrants who have entered the United States illegally, while others are vehemently opposed. However, to be adopted in the Senate, in the absence of GOP votes, the measure would need all Democrats’ votes.


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