In the United Kingdom, you can use the app to report speeders

Launched in the UK last month, SpeedCam Anywhere enables drivers to report speeding to the police. But the application was not received in large quantities.

Developed by English educators in collaboration with Silicon Valley companies, SpeedCam Anywhere turns your mobile into a mobile speed camera. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this processor can detect the speed of the vehicle and detect speed catchers.

But it is not yet a technology that has not been approved by British courts, which is subject to debate. But the existence of this application is reminiscent of the dark days of Nazi Germany. However, we can read this many times in the reviews of the application.

In East Germany, citizens were encouraged to report their neighbors to Stasis even for minor social crimes. Congratulations on creating the modern version of this”, Can we read the many negative comments that have been published about the application?

Another disgruntled Netizen changed the name of this processor. “Stasi-cam Anywhere: The world needs it. Use this to settle your revenge or follow the neighbor who always takes your parking space.

On the developers’ side, we compare the app to Marmite, whose taste divides people. “Some people think this is a good idea, others think it’s a surveillance level for us. This is not personal revenge against anyone, it is – how to make our roads safer? There are 20,000 serious injuries on the roads every year – how can they be reduced? The way we reduce them slows down the pace.

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However, this application was rejected by the Google Play Store and has not yet been verified by Apple. So she can wisely disappear.

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