In the United Kingdom, this is a “pojo” – not a release jojo

Anarchy in England

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After a confusing speech, the British Prime Minister worries about his own camp, from the right-wing press to the Tory delegates. Boris Johnson may have reached his limits when it comes to luxury.

What if a beautiful, mischievous little girl in a pink fuchsia dress turned her head toward Boris Johnson? The British were shocked, and the Conservative MPs suffocated in a cup of tea. According to officials at 10 Downing Street, the prime minister’s residence, they are clinging to the walls. Or, on the edge of apoplexy, let the media anonymously pierce, of course, their anger or their bewilderment, it’s yours. “Concern is growing around the Prime Minister”, confie-t-on. “It doesn’t work. The cabinet must be vigilant and ask for drastic changes, otherwise it will only get worse. ” Another source told the BBC. On Tuesday, the prime minister’s spokeswoman Boris Johnson had to be repeated several times. “Not bad, in good health and not losing control”. Yes, we are.

The small slot with the corkscrew tail is the culmination of a series of mistakes, scandals and the fact that Boris Johnson’s Basque has been stuck for a while now. Peppa Pig is the name of this little chow, this cartoon character that came on the British television screens in 2004 and then very quickly around the world. To everyone’s surprise, Peppa Big found herself at the heart of Monday’s speech – a kind of guest of honor – especially when its creators split a humorous message …

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