In the United Kingdom, the “rebates” complex return from Hong Kong

It is not easy to get used to being back in a country we have left for so long. This is evidenced by the unrest of British foreigners returning home after many years in Hong Kong.

In recent months, many British foreigners have become “rebates”: long-time immigrants to Hong Kong have finally chosen to return to the UK. With two years of political unrest following the takeover of Beijing, the Hong Kong authorities still do not believe it is time to pull out of the march on the health crisis and restrictions extended by the “zero Govt” strategy. , Decisive “drop water”.

But as shown, returning to the country did not always live well Evidence collected by தினத்தந்தி :

For Hong Kong’s growing tribes, ‘reuse’, ‘home’ is really like a new foreign job.

“You have an idea from another world”

The feeling of landscape change can be very restless. Lucy Barrett, who lived between Hong Kong and Japan for 24 years before returning to the UK, makes little sense. “Like Mork, the character of the TV show Mork and Mindy: Mars landing on Earth “ :

Often it is the little things that make you feel like you came from another world. For example, when we first returned, we were fined for driving on an unidentified bus lane. ”

Some are very surprised at the tone of political life in post-Brexit Britain. In Hong Kong, citizens are much less involved, says Andrew Ford, who now lives with his wife in Cambridge, and the public debate rarely takes a turn. “More emotional and aggressive”.

“Hong Kong was like a giant cruise ship”

But these former foreigners face the need to rebuild their professional and friendly networks, the socialization methods implemented in the UK, which are completely different from what they experienced in Hong Kong, which causes a lot of problems.

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“Hong Kong looks like a giant cruise ship for a long time” Everyone was more or less in traffic and looking for new encounters:

You will meet people at a party or business event and arrange a trip for an instant drink. You can build strong friendships very quickly.

In the United Kingdom, by contrast, “People are so anchored in their circle”. Faced with the dangers of isolation, Emma Andrews-Lynnit, who lives in Ipswich, a hundred kilometers from London, decided to soon start a club where newcomers could meet, after living in Japan and Hong Kong.

If you have lived abroad for twenty years and you have not tried, you know that you will never make friends.

“Kids feel like fish in water”

The general opinion is that children perform better than adults. Getting used to school is easy, says Emma Andrews-Lynnit:

Children raised abroad will be more adaptable anyway. Living in different countries gives them social skills. Thanks to social media, they have become accustomed to being in touch with anyone anywhere. ”

A foreigner still in Hong Kong, but has already enrolled his children in a British school while waiting to be able to join them, he confirms:

Kids feel like fish in the water. They are already used to living in a kind of global village, connecting to Instagram and everything: wherever they are, they listen to the same music, they follow the same stars … ”


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