In the United Kingdom, NHS paramedics are on strike to protest a lack of access.

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In the UK, purchasing power has fallen and energy bills are rising. In the midst of a crisis, the NHS, the British health system, is sounding the alarm. On Monday, the medical staff went on strike. The first report from London in our series on the difficulties experienced by the British.

This Monday, January 23, British paramedics are back on strike to protest the crisis the NHS is experiencing. UK. Steve Johnson, who has been traveling London in his ambulance for 27 years, is one of the reluctant strikers.

“I didn’t choose this job to strike, to help people,” he recalled, “but the lack of access and low pay rises leave tens of thousands of jobs unfilled in the NHS. It’s wonderful how people support us. This moment. It’s heart-warming, even moving.”

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Delays to reach paramedics are getting longer all the time, and this winter, the wait in front of overcrowded hospitals has never been better.

“Steve Johnson of the Royal College of Medicine continues that there are 500 deaths a week. We have horror stories of patients waiting in hospital beds for ten or even twelve hours. This is unacceptable.”

Slingshot wind

Abby joined the team at the height of the Covid-19 crisis. This young recruit has seen the health system deteriorate since his arrival. “You know, we can wait hours and hours and your patient’s condition will get worse and it’s hard to think that we can’t do anything to help him,” the young woman explains.

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Crews are called in and continue to ask for more resources to save lives. A rare slingshot wind blows over the UK.

The NHS, long considered the jewel of the nation, is in crisis and on the brink of collapse. Everyone agrees on the need to reform this free healthcare system. But how? Should we privatize some services or invest heavily instead?

The government is under pressure. According to a recent poll, 85% of Britons think he is mismanaging the NHS.

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