In the United Kingdom, authorities are facing a housing challenge for Afghan refugees

Some toys, for her daughter, toothpaste and sanitary ware … This is the most recent Afghan refugee in the UK.

I could not believe we had to go“He agrees.”But we had to do it to save our liveshe said.

Now on British soil, the person was able to obtain basic necessities at the Afghan Community Center in the Convent. After spending a period of medical isolation at the hotel, he did not know if he and several Afghans could be accommodated.

Fahim Jazai, Head of Central Points “Uncertainty about housing“.

Where are they going next? Children need to start going to school.“She is OK.

According to British officials, about 100 municipalities have volunteered to welcome the refugees. But many municipalities have refused, as 8,000 Afghans have arrived in the region since the evictions from Kabul.

Coventry City has promised to relocate 150 Afghans and city council leaders say no local authority can refuse to provide housing for people in need.

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