In the United Kingdom, Apple Pro has to step back from the display exterior properties

In the United Kingdom, The Pro Display XDR Showing fewer exaggerations. The ASA, which is responsible for regulating advertising across the channel, has asked the manufacturer to review some elements of its screen marketing language. He did not go ” Beyond HDR ยป, Because it is always denoted French site : In English copy, Apple simply deleted that sentence.

In French, Pro Display XTR is always “beyond HDR”.

This is not the only change required for ASA. Apple now clarifies the level of support for the B3 color range (99%) by adding a footnote:

Front back.

Finally, Apple was asked to verify the reality of the 1,000,000: 1 aspect ratio. The information is still on the English site, but it could go to the ace if independent tests do not confirm it.

Divergent information is still available, but it remains to be verified.

The ASA has received complaints about the Pro Display XTR sales pitch, including HDR, P3 and Contrast stories. The case went on Resolved On April 7, according to the controller, changes were made to the screen’s website today. It remains to be seen whether these changes will resonate elsewhere in the world.

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