In the United Kingdom, a proposal to increase the wages of health professions

The British government on Thursday, March 16, proposed a pay rise for several categories of public health officials. The proposal, backed by some unions, could end months of strikes in the UK. she “Includes salary increases for 2022-2023 and salary agreement for 2023-2024”According to Govt.

In a press release signed by the latter, the body responsible for pay within the public health system, the National Health Service (NHS) and members of staff unions, was mentioned. “Both parties consider that this represents a fair and just solution that recognizes the commitment of NHS staff and the wider economic pressures facing the UK.”

“More than a million NHS workers in England will get an extra pay rise. »

The concerned employees will get an additional bonus of 2% of their pay for the current financial year (April 2022-April 2023), in addition to the 4% increase originally decided. They will also receive a lump sum payment, the amount of which will depend on their seniority, but will be at least £1,250 (€1,425). Finally, the salary for the next year (April 2023-April 2024) will increase by 5%.

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“It’s not a panacea, but it’s a definite improvement.”

The various unions involved in the negotiations must now put the proposal to a vote of their members. The unit union has already informed that “Wouldn’t recommend” Its members must accept it. On the contrary, the RCN, the nurses’ union, in a press release, announced it “Recommend that its members vote to ratify this offer”. “It’s not a panacea, but it’s a definite improvement.”Its general secretary Pat Cullen estimated.

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Hospital doctors, who were on strike this week and did not participate in the talks, were not included in the proposal. Nurses and other healthcare workers have been calling for a pay rise for months to tackle the country’s over double-digit inflation. Nurses have gone on strike several times since December, the first in more than a hundred years.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak welcomed the projectcalls it “Sustainable for Taxpayers” and allows the Govt “To keep my promise to reduce inflation”. “We took a fair approach from the start”He added, responding to criticism of opposition parties and trade unions “Regression and Taken Time” A solution has to be found which has led to many strikes in the country. They have further disrupted a health service already damaged by the effects of the pandemic and staff shortages.

A day after the government presented the budget, Health Minister Steve Barclay did not say how the pay rise would be funded, but told British media it would not lead to savings. “Treating Patients”.

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