In the United Kingdom, a difficult collaboration between dogs and sheep farmers

In 2020, herd attacks increased further. Further controls associated with the epidemic, paradoxically triggering this phenomenon by causing the arrival of pedestrians and new dog owners.

Don Lethbridge was shocked when he discovered the blood-stained lamb last November. This sheep farmer from the Cornwall district in southwestern England was far from imagining the scale of the massacre. “In a little while, he counted eighteen corpses; The ears were sometimes torn, the heads mutilated. Other inanimate animals were hanging from electric fences”, Report Economist. Guilty: A dog.

While this is already on the rise in 2019, this type of attack will increase further in 2020. “By 2020, the cost of dog attacks on farm animals has increased by 10% to a total of 1. 1.3 million [1,5 million d’euros]”, The press mentions. Paradoxically, imprisonment did not change course. Quite the contrary.

Everyone is rising

Closing cultural and leisure time suggests that many Britons are making the hike Economist. Pedestrians cross animal pastures – “Sometimes it annoys farmers, Note Economist, But tradition and law force them to tolerate these passages – and tend “Open the barriers”. Stuart Roberts, vice president of the National Farmers Association, says the number of people coming to his land has tripled. “Once, he counted 3,000 walkers during the day. ”

As a result of the imprisonment, dog sales also exploded, leaving their new owners inexperienced. A study NFU Mutual, the country’s leading agricultural insurer, reveals it “64% of owners allow their dog to survive failure, but only 40% know they have the ability to kill livestock.

“Most people never imagined that their cute little love dog-dog at home could go fashionable. ‘Bloodthirsty’ When he was among the sheep”, Sheep Proof adds the breeder Tobin Bird behind your dog plan [“Apprenez à votre chien les bons comportements en présence de moutons”]. The program, which is aimed at owners, aims to integrate into a few training sessions “Dangerous Rural Balance” Between breeders and walkers.

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Best Press Club, The Economist, Founded in 1843 by a Scottish hater, it is the Bible for all those interested in international news. Apparently liberal, he generally defends free trade,


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