In the UK, the teacher was suspended after showing “Charlie Hebdo” cartoons in class

A 29-year-old religious professor has been suspended by the administration of his college in Batley, a city with strong Indo-Pakistani elements in the Yorkshire (northern England) district, after students’ parents expressed anger. , The teacher promised to publish a caricature of Muhammad in class Charlie Hebdo. On Friday, March 26, very healed, they held a public and free demonstration in front of this college.

Religious identities in public are not controversial, and in a country that has experienced its role in Islamic attacks, the political class, both on the right and on the left, is very keen to avoid any discourse that is considered Islamist, and this story is disturbingly surprising.

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The case goes to the beginning of the week. On Monday, March 22, the professor (whose name was not published by the national media) would have shown caricatures of Muhammad as part of his course. At least it’s a version put forward by a Yorkshire Muslim charity, if we will The Daily Telegraph, Turn the subject. His The managing director, Sajad Hussain, blamed the teacher “Sadistic Behavior” And threatens to stop the association’s cooperation with the school “Definitely not rejected”.

Gary Kibble, principal, tries to calm things down by proving the parents of the students right. In a letter, its juices have been published in the media, he presents “His full and sincere apology” Adds that the pictures are shown to parents and students “Absolutely irrelevant”. The author has been suspended and an internal investigation is pending. To believe Daily Telegraph, He was also placed under police surveillance.

A “state religion”

The assassination of Samuel’s grandmother in October 2020 shocked the United Kingdom, but provoked the French government’s determined reaction and lack of understanding of its serious defense of secularism, causing even harsher criticism across the channel. In a country where Anglicanism is the state religion, blasphemy has been considered a slander since 2008 (in England and Wales), but respect for religions remains the rule.

Nonetheless, Education Minister Gavin Williamson condemned Thursday night “Threats and Threats” In which the professor evaluates the victim “Totally unacceptable” The parents of the students in front of the school, and the teachers insist “Students are allowed to suggest controversial topics.”

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