In the UK, the new green life of unused coal mines

In northeastern England, more than 1,500 homes are reported to be heated by hot water from old flood coal mines Defender. It is the source of clean energy that will connect the mines, connect the people there and allow them to find a new application.

Thirty years after they closed, the Seaham Coal Mines are set to resume service. “They successfully instigated the Industrial Revolution and now they will contribute to the Green Revolution.” County Durham Development Officer Chris Myers says Defender.

In this part of the Northeast England, coal has driven the economy for decades. Three coal mines in the city of Seeham “Thousands of miners lived with their families in red brick houses, built on terraces that overlooked the sea,” he said. Describes the London Daily.

A regular and clean heating source

From now on, local authorities are interested in the water that is in the galleries, at a depth of one kilometer. A powerful energy source to exploit. “The idea is simple”, Confident Protector, And the necessary technology is already in place.

Old tunnels are flooded and water tables need to be pumped and purified to prevent contamination. When water comes to the surface, its temperature is increased by its effect



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