In the UK, Matt Hancock and Kwasi Quarting are trapped in a dummy consulting assignment

Jacob King/AFP British Health Secretary Matt Hancock gives a speech about the COVID-19 vaccine program at the Jenner Institute in Oxford, England on June 2, 2021 (Photo by Jacob King/Pool/AFP)

Jacob King/AFP

In the UK, Matt Hancock and Quasi Quarting are trapped by a shell company for a consulting assignment

ROYAUME-UNI – Deux britannique députés, anciens ministres, ont été piégés en étant films in a train of negocier des missions of à 10,000 livres per day to conseiller une obscure société sud-coréenne, a legal pratique that is a suscité un debat ce dimanche 2 March 6 in Great Britain.

Conservatives Matt Hancock, who was health secretary during the pandemic, and Kwasi Quarting, caretaker finance minister in the fall of 2022, were besieged by campaigners from an organization led by donkeys, who are notoriously anti-Brexit. campaigns.

In the United Kingdom, it is legal for MPs to have a job in addition to their office, and there are no restrictions on the amount of income they can earn. However, they must declare it in a public record.

Led By Donkeys explains in a video on Twitter that it wants to make a file ” expertise “ Amidst the cost of living crisis. At a time when the people need their MPs more than ever, would a Member of Parliament accept a job promoting the interests of a foreign company, and how much would they like to be paid? »

The organization imagined a South Korean company wishing to develop its activities in the UK and contacted twenty deputies. They are expected to attend six advisory board meetings each year. The majority did not respond, but negotiations began on Zoom with Matt Hancock and Kwasi Quarting.

“Problem” with the current rules

“Do you have a daily rate?” »asks the first. “At the moment, yes, it’s £10,000 (€11,340)”he answers. Matt Hancock has already been talked about by taking part in the fall in a reality TV show in Australia while he is an MP.

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Kwasi Quarting replies that he will not accept less than $10,000 (€9,280) a month, and then finally attempts £10,000 a day.

In September, Kwasi Kwarting, then Finance Minister, presented a budget that sent financial markets by storm. He was dismissed from the government after a few weeks.

The latter did not react to the Led By Donkeys video. A spokesperson for Matt Hancock said he followed the rules.

Asked by Sky News on Sunday morning, Regional Rebalancing Minister Michael Gove made this clear “Things shown were in the grammar”. What matters is whether the representative lives up to the expectations of his constituents.he added.

But Labor MP Lucy Powell, Being a Member of Parliament is a full time job.. “I don’t think anyone can watch this video without feeling disgusted.”She added, thinking he was there ” problem “ with the current rules.

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