In the UK, authors paid for used book sales

William Fryer, who founded his bookstore Bookborn International in 2000, based in the Somerset (southwestern UK) district, has been considering it since 2015, allowing it to pay teachers by paying a share of the combined income. Sale of second hand books.

« As a writer myself and the founder of a bookstore, I always wonder if the authors, who are the originators of our business, should not touch anything. It’s all about the recognition for the authors above all, and for the value they appear to be, we hope other resellers will join this voluntary endeavor. P insists on frying Defender.

AuthorSHARE, a good solution

In fact, Bookborne International has partnered with the World of Books Group, another used bookseller, to create an undersea fund that will distribute 000 to 200,000 copyrights per capita, with caps and payments of £ 1,000 per annum in October.

The Society of Teachers, a professional organization for the protection of teachers throughout the channel, is affiliated with AuthorSHARE and is responsible for the remainder of the fund.

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive during the second-hand book sale, as she does in France. The principle of expiration of rights actually applies: from the moment a job is legally acquired by a consumer, the latter is free to resell this legally purchased copy, without the consent of the user, or without payment.

Opportunity: Resale of Prohibited Pass Cultural Books

« The fact that these funds were born out of the initiative of private companies is very reassuring as they believe in the excellence of their approach. “, Welcomed John John Harris, President of the Teachers Association.

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In the subtle context of the Govt epidemic, this new economic resource has been well received by teachers and their representatives …

In France, Books-Up, a startup based on the sale of second-hand books among individuals, sought to access professional structures, precisely by donating a sum of money to authors. But it was in 2016, and I found that all the open lanes were closed with a violent slam of the closed door தவறு Wrong to be right very soon, yes?

Photography: Description, Second Half Trips, CC BY-NC 2.0

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